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Hey, darlin'!

I had been dreaming about this career since I was in second grade. When the opportunity finally presented itself, I dove all in.
Along the way and twelve years in, I've realized that I'm fulfilling my urge to help people, creating a flexible work schedule for my family and I, and following my passion to create- all in one!
As a mama of two I know it can be difficult to find time for yourself, that's why I've hand picked each piece of decor in the salon to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible while providing an experience that can give you the break you need.

I love making my guests laugh and forming an organic relationship based on how we relate to one another. I'm real, and I'm relatable- what will we have in common?
I specialize in blonding techniques and geek out over huge transformations and color corrections.

SECRET: I obsess over what formulas I'll use immediately proceeding our consultation.
In my spare time I love camping, concerts, and spending time with my two children and their daddy.
I'm addicted to crafting of any kind, repurposing furniture, and attending antique festivals or sales.
When you're ready, click the links below to check out my online portfolios and/or hit the menu bar above to book your first appointment with me!
I can't even wait to meet you

Desarae: Our Team
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